Barbered Wire or When Freedom Becomes a Knot

Barbed wire, silent witness to the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis possessed by the madness of a hatred void of reason and meaning, capable of lacing freedom and purge the portent of human life.

Recently shot during a visit to the memorial located in the former Auschwitz-Birkenau Nazi concentration camp site, near Cracow, Poland.

“I am constantly amazed by man’s inhumanity to man.” 

— Primo Levi


Street Musicians


Shot on Picadilly Circus, this is another photo from the London: Urban Wild Art PhotographyShot on Picadilly Circus, this is another photo from the London: Urban Wild Art Photography 


Whirling Ear

Located in the corner of the Rue du Musée, the Whirling Ear is not a memorial, but one of the rare pieces of modern art that survived the World Exhibition of Brussels 1958. There it stood in the middle of a basin with fountains in front of the US pavilion. After the exhibition it was dismantled and stored in a depot of the Royal Museums where it rust for years before someone came up with the idea to give it a place in the city again.

To the left, the Art Noveau style building, lodges, since 2000, the Museum of Musical Instruments. Designed by Barnabé Guimard and built in 1899 by Paul Saintenoy out of girded steel and glass. The edifice is a fusion of Art Nouveau style and 18th-century neoclassical architectural tendencies and the former Old England department store, one of the first Grand Magasins to open in Brussels.



Strike a pose

I was walking on the streets of Reykjaví­k and pointed the camera to capture the street with the cycle sculpture in the foreground, when these two fun Spanish tourist ladies stroke a pose. I had the camera in aperture priority and the aperture at f/8.0. an exposition of 1/60 gave the motion blur to the lady on the right. I really enjoy the result.





Yet another candid picture taken on Oxford Street, from the Project London: Urban Wild Art Photography.